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Khalid Seddik


“ With an unparalleled history of developing complex projects worldwide, Fanar’s success is built on long-standing relationships that require an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best solution ”

Mohamed Hamdy

A Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Engineer Mohamed Hamdi has been the director of the company's technical officer since February 2019.

In addition, He originally joined Fanar in 2017.

“ As part of the senior management team, We hold the responsibility for and management of all design reviews, processes, and procedures. Manage and Lead a multi-disciplinary engineering and design review team for project construction. Coordinate and liaise with stakeholders on all projects related budgets, and managerial & design review decisions during the projects' life cycles. ”


Ahmed Albarbary

Projects Manager

Previously, he held several other executive leadership positions during his 20-year career with general contracting, and various other engineering and managerial positions.

Why Fanar

After +15 years’ experience in engineering and contracting field.
I can tell you why Fanar.

As client
 You will find the solution for engineering equation which is

High quality + appointed time according time schedule + low cost.

As employee
You will touch the family relations which dominate all over our company and the care of developing skills for our team.

So, I must ask you as client or employee to join us.

 Join Fanar

/ The Family

Our People

Ibrahim Yahya
Ibrahim YahyaProjects Manager

Manager of 

Team of project:
Ahmed Borham
Ahmed BorhamProjects Manager

Manager of 

Team of project:
Mohamed Hasan
Mohamed HasanCivil Engineer
Team of project:
Othman Khalid
Othman KhalidCivil Engineer
Team of project:
Muhannad Abdulrahman
Muhannad AbdulrahmanCivil Engineer
Team of project:
Khalil Hamed
Khalil HamedCivil Engineer
Team of project:
Aabed Labib
Aabed LabibCivil Engineer
Aabed Labib
Aabed LabibCivil Engineer
Mohamed Mustafa
Mohamed MustafaCivil Engineer
Ibrahim Adly
Ibrahim AdlyMechanical Engineer
Mohamed Abdulrahim
Mohamed AbdulrahimCivil Engineer
Mohamed Aljubairy
Mohamed AljubairyCivil Engineer
Abdulrahman Mohamed
Abdulrahman MohamedCivil Engineer
Ahmed Hamdy
Ahmed HamdyCivil Engineer
Banazer Sulaiman
Banazer SulaimanArchitect Engineer
Eslam Elwaseef
Eslam ElwaseefCivil Engineer
Hasan Abdu
Hasan AbduCivil Engineer
Anter Awad
Anter AwadCivil Engineer
Mohamed Usama
Mohamed UsamaCivil Engineer
Abdulhay Akmal
Abdulhay AkmalCivil Engineer
Mohamed Awad
Mohamed AwadCivil Engineer
Mohamed Saad
Mohamed SaadMechatronics Engineer
Moustafa Hamroush
Moustafa HamroushElectrical Engineer
Abdulaaty Abdu
Abdulaaty AbduElectrical Engineer
AdhamCivil Engineer

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